At Incredible Farm we strive to provide and transfer the skills of sustainable food production and land management to young adults. This was one of our primary aims at the beginning of the project and remains so.

We have had several apprentices on site in the last 5 years, each helping to develop and maintain the farm. Importantly they have also developed their knowledge of the land and their skills in growing and selling food. Skills and knowledge which improves their opportunity of being employed in land based careers.

Apprentices work 3-4 days a week at the farm, primarily under the guidance of Mike our head grower and at the same time study their level two Production Horticulture Diploma at college. Such grants as Ernest Cook Trust, Peninne Housing and the Leeds Enterprise Partnership (AGE) have allowed us to hire apprentices as full time staff at Incredible Farm.

Our current apprentice Rob Pickering is a local lad. He has been at the farm since Summer 2015.

Since our apprenticeships are dependent upon educational and training grants, we usually only employ one person per 18 months. However do enquire about  WWOOFing or work experience placements with us though, as it is another great way to learn and gain experience.


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