our team 

We have a tiny team supplemented by a crowd of Volunteers, because that’s what its all about, getting stuck in.

Nick Green
The farm founder and director, Nick is chief of being a cowpoke, inventing things, fixing the broke and writing stuff (like this!)

Mike Smith
Mike came on board just as we started building the farm, as a volunteer, he is now our head grower, and teacher, and works, almost, full time. He is in charge of allocating jobs, molesting the bees and hypnotising the hens.

Robin Asby
Our most hard working board member, Robin looks after the accounts, does the Company stuff, and networking. He is a dedicated “ small is beautiful”, enthusiast which is odd from one so remarkably tall!

Julie Williams
 Bookeeping .

Willing Workers On Organic Farms, there are lots of ‘em, we had 28 in 2016! Average stay of a month, fantastic passionate energetic people, what would we do without em!

Our Board

They aren’t Boring,

Charlie Clutterbuck, is a soil bug man from WAAAAAAAAY back

Liva Hansen is a teacher

Ben Campbell is a goat milking, terrace cultivating, Anthropologist

Phill Dewhurst, Tree person and Permaculturalist


This could be you!


This could be you too, currently everyone who helps or has helped, be it digging, planting cow milking, policy writing, website building, marketing, networking, anything that helps, your in the team!

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