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Sprouting out of the original Incredible Edible in Todmorden in 2010, the Incredible Farm is now a stand-alone, not-for-profit social enterprise.

We offer a range of inspiring activities to engage everyone from young children to office-workers to help create a sustainable food future.



The farm aims to teach small scale market gardening and farming and create the opportunity for young people to become involved in agriculture, food production and land management.

We want young people to see such work opportunities as positive and satisfying careers.

However, we know learning continues throughout life and we encourage all ages to join us down at the farm to learn through volunteering, training courses and fun-days.


Much of what we teach is centred on the sustainable methods we use to farm. We focus particularly on permaculture which is about growing food in harmony with nature and with a minimal impact on the environment and its resources.

The main idea is that by maintaining an intact ecosystem, food production is more predictable, less damaging to the environment and sustainable. We have developed several innovative design features on site including hot beds, a passive solar greenhouse, hugelculture, the beginnings of a fruit forest and many novel useful plants.

How we are funded:

We are not for profit social enterprise; supported by income from our produce, plant and fruit tree sales and from training, education and consultancy.

A number of grants and funds have also allowed us to develop community and school outreach projects based around the health, wellbeing and fostering an understanding of how to grow and eat sustainable locally produced food.

These grants have also enabled the day to day management of the farm and development of infrastructure.

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