nano dairy

Ever wondered why cows MOO? Are they trying to tell us something?

Well maybe.

Cows are lovely clever creatures who can turn grass into the most nutricious health giving food.

But the dairy industry is broken, too cruel, too costly to the planet, too much mucking about with milk.

It does not have to be this way,

We want to build a tiny dairy as they used to be before the industrial farmers got their hands on things. A dairy where cows have long happy lives eating natural food and feeding their babies as well as providing milk for us.

We want to do this to learn how it can be done, and to help others set up similar dairies.

We believe it is not neccesary to be cruel to enjoy a pint of the best milk.

We believe milk does not benefit from being processed, it is a safe natural and wholesome food that has enormous health benefits that are destroyed by messing with it.

We believe the knowledge needed is simple and many people could do it, cows are beautiful creatures, what’s not to love?

We have been working on this for some time already, two years ago we bought two small baby cowlets, Rubarb and Custard, now they are Jersey cows with attitude!

Custard is already giving us milk, having had her first calf , and Rubarb will in November. They had a very modern conception, with sexed semen, Inky, custards calf,is a lovely girl, she will join mom as a milker in a couple of years. Sexed semen gives us female calves only, so no sad unwanted boy calves.

We milk Custard once a day so as to not stress her too much, she lives on grass, no corn that could make her sick or cost the earth, and we expect her to live 10-15 years.

We graze her using a Permaculture method that adds life and carbon to the soil, and anybody can come and see how she is doing any time. We are an open community farm pioneering sustainable methods in the Pennine hills.

To help us fulfill our vision of creating a nano dairy please donate by clicking here.

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