junior farmers


Every second Saturday (except during mid-winter and sometimes mid-summer) Mike our head grower leads bush-craft, outdoor education and fun at the farm for kids aged between 5-12 years old.

The sessions run from 9am- 12pm.

Our junior farmers learn about….

  • Den making
  • Animal husbandry
  • Identifying wildlife habitats
  • How to grow food
  • How to identify different types of plants
  • Cooking and using seasonal produce

As well as developing emotional, social and interpersonal skills through free play.


In this slightly out of town location, there is the perception that there is little for youth to do. We run junior farmers because we want our local children to understand and engage their environment and find fun and enjoyment in the natural world.

If you are interested your child joining in the fun at junior farmers please email Mike at eatyourecosystem@gmail.com

We are also in need of parents or volunteers with outdoor education experience to help out with the running of junior farmers. Mike is currently leading the sessions but will need regular parents to help ensure the affordability for families and kids. We can promise it’s a very rewarding morning watching young ones marvel and engage with the environment.

We would need a DBS and reference from anyone wishing to volunteer for this role.


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