germinating growing projects


Let us help you nurture your growing project.

We are finding that social enterprises and community groups up and down the country are starting to think about growing their own healthy local food.

There are growing concerns for climate change, sustainability the need for meaningful work, healthy lifestyles and the affordability of good food.  It all adds up to fundamental changes to the way communities think about food, growing and their environments.

We aim to encourage these groups by helping them to plan practical effective and manageable growing projects.

About us…

Incredible Farm was founded by Nick Green the hidden growing force behind the first ever Incredible Edible town of Todmorden.

Starting in 2007 Nick planned, organised and often just got on with the jobs at hand and built most of Todmorden town centres growing infrastructure. Planting edibles in public spaces with permission or not. The police station got cop corn, the fire station, cherry trees and the health centre, apples.

This tiny mill town went from being obscure gritty and grim to become a trendy “must move to” place. The local economy boomed and became a destination for a new phenomenon “Veg Tourism”. The project has spawned an international  movement of some 800 Incredible Edible towns all around the world.

There is even a book about it all, Plant Veg and grow a Revolution!

In 2011 Nick founded a new social enterprise, Incredible Farm. The site is a hand built community farm, market garden and learning centre with a mission to model a healthy, happy and sustainable future for food the environment and people.

The farm is an inspirational learning place for both expert and beginner growers . There is almost year round salad and veg production, inside growing spaces within the polytunnels . Outside there are hot beds and a variety of growing methods which make the most every square inch of the land and the diversity that nature offers.

The farm is 100% off grid, self-sufficient in water and electricity. We cultivate wacky edibles from around the world and there is a big fruit tree nursery. Generous bees donate their honey, poultry their eggs and the farm is home to the most delightful pair of dairy cows you ever did see.

In 2015 Nick and the farm won second place in the Lloyds Bank national Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his work developing the farm.

How we can help you

Groups can come for either a one hour tour to get a flavour for growing and inspiration for their own projects or come for a whole day for in depth workshops and a chance to hatch a plot of their own.

We can cater to any groups interest and offer specific expert witness sessions on a huge range of topics; whether it be grafting fruit trees establishing an orchard or forest garden, making hot beds, solar power and water capture, poultry or family cow keeping, bee keeping, composting, commercial salad growing, marketing, permaculture, etc etc.

What’s more we will come to your place to help you envision and plan growing projects.

Grounded in the practical, we will tell it like it is, with honest advice and a rare combination of original creativity and realistic manageable planning. We can also help convince management committees with impressive entertaining presentations tailored to your needs.


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