bush craft


Healey Clough

In addition to our farm site at Walsden, we have a small woodland Healey Clough, which we use to host both residential overnight stays and daytime bush craft education sessions.

The site is a picturesque 15 acre regenerated wooded valley at Lumbutts, on the packhorse route to Stoodley Pike up on the tops. We have planted over 400 trees and are in the process of creating an edible landscape with apple trees, rhubarb, joster-berries as well as some wild foods. What’s more the site is accessible by bus and minutes away from two pubs.

Our bush craft education program aims to encourage positive connections to the local land. Some of activities we undertake as part of this program are;

  • Animal tracking
  • Natural shelter building
  • Biodiversity Surveys- pond dipping, butterfly/ pitfall traps
  • Habitat management and restoration
  • Erosion control
  • Foraging
  • Flood Mitigation

Residential stays at Healey Clough

We host residential stays.  Stay overnight in the woodland  and undertake a wild camp which brings out the adventurer and scout in everyone. We can host around ten to twelve adults or children for each stay.  These stays are based around outdoor education and are undertaken in summer months.

Examples of the team building activities at the wild camp are;

  • Flood Mitigation ( Leaky Dam)
  • Build a working water wheel
  • Dry stone walling
  • Dig a Hobbit cave- dry storage
  • Whittling Spoons
  • Fire lighting- friction fire
  • Natural Fibres
  • Willow Weaving

These activities are rooted in ecological management and resourcefulness.

We offer also bush craft sessions as part of junior farmers and also can be adapted to school visits.


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