farm visits and tours


We absolutely love welcoming visitors to the site. It’s what we are all about, we are an open farm and everyone is welcome to come have a look around.

Most days, Monday to Friday  if we have a spare minute or two we will always try and show you around, but we also have a self-guided tour sheet with plenty of info about the farm.

We ask for individuals to give a donation if they can, but it’s entirely at your discretion. Similarly if you can support us by purchasing our produce and see for yourself that our fresh, chemical free food tastes better than anything from the shops.

We do need to try and make the site self-supporting and to that end we would do charge for larger  funded groups organised tours etc. and need to ask you to rebook.

If your group is unfunded or “brassic” we still want you to come, the following price list is a guide only.

Incredible Farm site visit fees    

All prices are based on 15 people, more can be accommodated.

Site tour (1 hour)


Site tour and activity (2 hours )


Site tour and bespoke courses – foraging / hotbeds / animal husbandry/grow your own etc. (3 hours)


Full day of activities at the farm (5 hours)


We have a different price list for school visits which consider and cater to class sizes.


13 + 7 =